18 March 2012 @ 4:53pm

Elaine: It’s my very best yet, but even when I make my millions…I want you to know I’ll still work here.
Ally: What’s going on?
Georgia: She’s invented customized condoms.
Ally: Sorry?
Elaine: They’re vibrantly colored, with sayings on the side.
Billy: Sayings?
Elaine: You read as you unfurl, I made samples for you all. Richard, yours say “Bygones”. I think it’s appropriate. John, “Enjoy the moment”. Georgia, “Pay the bill”. I like the “punnage” on that and mine says “Come here often?”.  I’m not sure about the entendre, I don’t wanna be vulgar. Oh…and Ally, perfect.
Ally:Take a number?”
Elaine: Don’t you love it?
Ally denies and repeats:Take a number”?
Elaine: Well, you are on the active side.
Ally: No I’m not, I mean, not there.
Richard: You’re like an on-ramp.
Ally: No, no I kiss a lot. But I don’t do… I do not.
John: I’m troubled by my slogan.

Ally McBeal
2x04 It’s my party